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Oklahoman Published: November 28, 2008

photo - Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer.
Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer.

OSU coach Pat Jones

→"The thing you tell football players from the time they start playing competitively is that the difference between winning and losing is a fine line. We saw a prime example of it here this evening. We had ample opportunities to win the game. We just did not get it done. That’s my responsibility”

OU coach Barry Switzer

→"We were challenged when they went ahead 28-24. Our offense responded. We overcame some things: two fumbles and a busted play. But our offense did a great job coming back. Barry Sanders had a great game, but so did Mike Gaddis. Charles Thompson played a great game for us.”

OSU running back Barry Sanders on rushing for 215 yards in the loss

→"I could care less right now. I wish I wasn’t in the Heisman race. I wish this was only a team sport. It’s really getting old talking about the Heisman.”

OSU fullback Garrett Limbrick, who was called for a personal foul for taunting

→"There was talking back and forth the whole game, and he waited until the fourth quarter to make a call like that? I was really surprised.