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What they’re saying about body language: Sports psychologist, Marshall Moses, Sherri Coale weigh in

Compiled by Jenni Carlson Published: January 23, 2010

pecially in high school, I had the worst attitude. I got down when I wasn’t hitting shots. I quit. You just develop a sort of toughness when you work hard. If you’re working hard on everything in your game, winning becomes important. If you’re thinking about winning, your body’s going to be saying the right things.”

→Oklahoma women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale:

"I used to tell (Sooner point guard) Stacey Dales, ‘You can go 0 for 20 and have 10 passes to the fifth row, and if you walk around like you think you’re the best player on the planet, we will win because those other four guys just look at you. When they think you think we’re OK, they’re OK.’ That’s sort of the message that I think great leaders send.”

Compiled by Jenni Carlson