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What they're saying about Chuck Fairbanks

by Berry Tramel Published: April 2, 2013

Al Chandler, OU tight end, 1970-72: “Tremendous gentleman, excellent coach. Just all-around good guy. Had the opportunity to play for him at OU as well as the New England Patriots. Just the epitome of class. Just the way he handled his players. He was always thoughtful. Understood the ins and outs of dealing with young athletes as well as men in the professional ranks. Just a great individual.”

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner: “As a Patriots season-ticket holder, I remember the excitement that was generated by the hiring of Chuck Fairbanks in 1973. Coach Fairbanks gave the Patriots instant credibility. For Patriots fans of that era, Fairbanks was the Bill Parcells before Bill Parcells, meaning, he did for the Patriots in the '70s what Bill Parcells did for the team in the '90s.”

Raymond Hamilton, OU defensive lineman, 1970-72: “Just a great guy to play for. Always a tough guy, but really fair. He was the same kind of guy (at New England). Tough guy. Very fair.”

Joe Castiglione, OU athletic director: “The University of Oklahoma fondly remembers Chuck Fairbanks. Chuck provided stability and leadership for the program during a pivotal time in OU history and his lasting contributions to Oklahoma football will always be appreciated.”

Bob Stoops, OU football coach: “Chuck possessed an exceptional eye for talent, recruiting talented players like Heisman winner Steve Owens and enabling innovative assistant coaches like Barry Switzer to thrive. I was fortunate to have many opportunities to get to know Chuck over the years. He often visited his daughter in Norman around Thanksgiving, and I enjoyed our conversations when he attended practice.”