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What they're saying about Kevin Durant

By Darnell Mayberry, Staff Writer, Published: April 17, 2010
What the league is saying about defending Kevin Durant:

→Phoenix forward Grant Hill — "He does a good job of getting to the line. He’s really mixing it up between shooting the jumper and attacking. Really, you’ve got to try to just prevent him from getting the ball. That’s all you can do.”

→Portland coach Nate McMillan — "What you’re trying to do is just take away something. And what you try to do is take away his touches, keep him off the free throw line. He’s not a guy that doesn’t work to get the ball. So he’s going to get the ball. You know that. But make him work to get it if you can. And then making his shots tough, I think is the next thing. And then you have to keep him off the free throw line.”

→L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson — "He’s good enough to cover distance and drive both ways, left and right. He’s pretty good with both hands. He’s got a fastbreak part of his game, and he gets points off run-outs. He’s going to have opportunities. We just have to control what we can control out there in the game.”

→Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry — "You just can’t guard him. Nobody can guard him. Nobody has guarded him this year. He’s missed some shots, but you’re not going to stop him. He’s probably the best scorer in this league.”

→Thunder coach Scott Brooks — "He scores in so many different ways, and I think that’s why so many teams have trouble matching up with him because he’s not on one spot on the floor all game long. You don’t see the same daily diet every possession.”