What they're saying about OSU donor Boone Pickens: ‘it was kind of the perfect storm'


Offensive coordinator Todd Monken: “Boone, and a number of others who stepped forward, made a commitment to changing the face of the football program. I don't know how you can describe it. To make that commitment is amazing. It came from almost all private dollars, at least close to it. And that's almost unheard of.”

Special teams coordinator Joe DeForest: “Because of Boone, you get other big-time people on board. I think there was so much momentum that people got excited. And they saw progress, and anytime there's progress it's easier to give.”

Athletic director Mike Holder: “It's amazing the difference one or two guys can make in the future of something. It was kind of the perfect storm. Two guys that were tired of watching Oklahoma State flounder in football with one of them being in position to do something about it monetarily and one guy who, eventually, was in position on campus as a leader.”

Boone Pickens on his timeline of success: “I didn't have a year-by-year how many wins but I did say to (Coach Mike) Gundy last year, this ‘Being competitive' has moved closer to ‘We need to win.' I'd say everything is on schedule.”

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