Oklahoman Modified: September 7, 2012 at 12:45 am •  Published: September 7, 2012


Oklahoma A+ Schools has published a list of suggested questions for parents to ask teachers during parent-teacher conferences this fall.

1. From your perspective, does he/she enjoy school?

2. Does he/she seem curious?

3. How can I help you to know him/her?

4. When given the choice, what does he/she choose to learn?

5. How does he/she deal with transitions or changes in the schedule?

6. How does he/she act when his/her behavior is corrected or redirected?

7. What does he/she talk to you about?

8. In a group setting, what role does he/she take on?

9. Is he/she confident about school? Is he/she confident in his/her abilities?

10. How does he/she express himself/herself best?

11. Does he/she demonstrate empathy?

12. What kinds of questions does he/she ask in class?