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What We’re Working On: Storm Warning In Stillwater

Travis Haney Published: December 1, 2011


CAMPUS CORNER — I’m happy to report this has very little to do with weather. Repeat, we did not create an entire section based on weather.

Weather stories are necessary, and also evil. Because weather changes. And, even if it winds up playing a role in the game, we’ll talk about it too much during the week.

That aside, what we are writing about storming … the field. That’s our deal. We had some kooky plan that I’d come up with, about dreams (another story for another time), but it fell through when OU and OSU didn’t cooperate two weeks ago. So … storming the field it is. And it’s a nicely executed plan, from what I’ve seen trickle through my inbox today.

Me, personally, I wrote it from the Sooners’ perspective. As in, that’s what seems to happen when they lose on the road. How do they feel about that? (Just guess.) I illustrated the phenomenon by speaking via email this week with … drumroll … Baylor Crutches Girl! Forget RGIII, I’m talking BCG. I’d heard about her (her real name is Lindsay, but that’s not as fun) just after the game, but, as fate should have it, I actually saw her while we were filling up the PT “Party Time” Cruiser to head back to Dallas. I snapped a picture and uploaded it to Twitter, documenting my random brush with fame. To my surprise, two days later, she ID’d herself to me in a tweet. Naturally, she was a pleasant fit to the story.

How can you write a story about rushing the field without writing about a girl doing so on crutches? That’s how I felt about it, anyway.

We’ll examine the potential for field-rushing this week, should OSU win its first outright conference title. (Yeah, yeah … we know … it wouldn’t be an upset. But emotions would certainly run high if the Cowboys win — 82-16-7 suggests that.)

As for today’s stories, which I didn’t detail yesterday (my bad), we hit the special teams angle. When the season began, or even once it got going, OSU had a decided advantage in that area. OU has at least made some headway in that regard, with the continual improvement by Michael Hunnicutt. Since missing that very important field goal against Texas Tech, Hunnicutt hasn’t missed since. OSU’s Quinn Sharp, on the other hand, is coming off what’s probably the miss of his lifetime, failing to hit that late 37-yarder — I think it was 37 yards, anyway (it was; typing “quinn sharp 37 yards” produced the result) – at Iowa State. Both have had good makes this year; both have had the worst of misses. What now, if Bedlam comes down to a late kick — in potentially bad weather, with a Big 12 title on the line?

Jenni Carlson also did a nice job with a background profile on David King, who will see increased snaps in place of injured end Ronnell Lewis. I haven’t talked much this fall with King, but he seems like an interesting guy. Jenni got some good details, King talking about the passing of his mother and how that has brought context and depth to his experience at OU. Good story, JC.

I’ll reappear tomorrow to detail our gameday plans.

Oh, and speaking of gameday, OU tweeted the other day that ESPN’s “College GameDay” will focus part of Saturday morning’s show on Austin Box‘s family and how it has coped with his untimely death. I’m told the story will focus on the letters to Austin that the family was kind enough to share with me back in August, just after I arrived here. Tom Rinaldi is on the story, so I don’t have to tell you what a great job he’ll do with it. I told Austin’s dad, Craig, last night how happy I am that the family agreed to open its doors to ESPN. It’ll highlight Austin’s life, and it’ll illustrate what a great dad Craig is — a message that could and should wake up men around the country to be more active and encouraging in their kids’ lives. I admire the Boxes very much for who they are, even in the face of this unspeakable trial.

= Trav

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