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What will you do without Twinkies?

Oklahomans lament the loss of nostalgic childhood snacks after Hostess Brands Inc. closed all of its factories.
BY LILLIE-BETH BRINKMAN Published: November 16, 2012

“It is a free country — but not calorie-free. A Twinkie measured on the same scale as those cupcakes with the mile-high frosting,” Jones said in an email. “We haven't even considered all those stabilizers and preservatives. We can take folks to the moon, but science has yet to make a healthy Twinkie!”

Callers on Friday to the Wonder Hostess bakery on S Interstate 35 Service Road in Oklahoma City reached a voice-mail message that said the store was closed and told employees not to come in for work. The message also referred people to Hostess Brands' website and directed prospective bidders interested in the company's assets to an email address.

“You have reached Hostess Brands and Wonder Bread, Oklahoma City. Hostess Brands has closed all its bakeries and ceased operations,” a man's voice said in the message. “If you are an employee, please do not come to work. The company's assets are for sale.”

In Altus, a woman who answered the phone at the Wonder Hostess bakery there wouldn't comment about sales of Hostess products on Friday. Instead, she referred questions to a toll-free number for Hostess Brands.

All might not be lost for fans of the snack. If and when the assets of Hostess Brands are liquidated, it's possible that another company could buy the rights and recipes to Twinkies and other similar snacks, according to a New York Times report.

Former Oklahoman Rebecca Dunai, who now lives in Madison, Wisc., offered a goodbye to Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread in a comment on Facebook.

“They were part of our childhood, a nostalgic yummy food that was a treat, back when there was not the plethora of junk food that is on the market today,” Dunai said. “I have not had one in probably 20 years but am sad to see an American brand fade into mere memories.”

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