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What's for lunch?

Ashlee Harper, Deer Creek High School Published: May 1, 2010
The two fried food lines of Deer Creek High School are chalk full of hundreds of students while the salad bar line has less than half that many students. This scene can be found in several schools in the area.

Alanna Shack, a freshman at Deer Creek, describes the salad bar as serving “shriveled and withered” lettuce along with sandwiches made of dried out bread.

For Deer Creek, lunches are divided into A, B and C. On the average Tuesday, the cafeteria runs out of baked potatoes before every student can get one. Obviously potato is a popular option and the kids want healthier food.

“I wish they had more healthy options,” said Lauren Long, a Deer Creek sophomore. “It's hard to stay healthy with delicious cookies, muffins, French fries and candy in easy access.”

Deer Creek isn’t the only school out there with unhealthy temptations. The Edmond High School lunch menu has hamburgers, pizza or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich available almost everyday.

“I wish the school would post the nutrition facts for the foods they serve so that students have a better idea of what exactly they are eating,” said Amanda Rice, an Edmond Memorial senior. “This way, students could make informed choices about their lunches. I know that many students would appreciate better quality fruits and vegetables.”


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