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What's in inmates' future?

By Josh Rabe Published: August 8, 2007
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A prison without walls

It's possible, according to Doug Bernam, a law professor at Ohio State University.

"The present technology has gotten outdated,” he said. "Prisons have become warehouses instead of a place where we can do anything progressive.”

He said technologies like global positioning are bound to become more common in the future as a way to keep track of criminals.

Oklahoma uses global satellite positioning to monitor about 400 people who would otherwise be in prison.

Justice in face of disaster

When hurricanes Katrina and Rita slammed the Gulf Coast, law enforcement was virtually wiped out by the storms, then took another blow from the public outrage that followed in its aftermath, said Carle Jackson, director of Louisiana's Commission on Law Enforcement.

When the storms hit, the wheels of justice came to a halt. Police stations, courthouses and prisons flooded, almost all records were destroyed and about 10,000 inmates had to be evacuated to other prisons.

Jackson said Louisiana is still struggling to sort out the chaos caused by the hurricanes.

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