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What’s up next for the inventive, enigmatic filmmaker Wes Anderson?

Dennis King Published: April 4, 2014
Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson

NEW YORK – As one of the most eccentric, enigmatic and original filmmakers of his generation, Wes Anderson has compiled an eight-movie filmography in which each picture is more inventive and surprising than the one before.

He’s one of those genuinely unique artists whose fans can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

As he was out and about, talking up his latest, amazing gizmo movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” reporters at a press day in the Crosby Street Hotel were already wheedling and cajoling Anderson to reveal what projects he had in mind for the future.

“Usually the thing I want to do a movie about these days is the thing I’m interested in right then,” he said rather cryptically.

But when he was prodded, he opened up a little more and, if you can read the tea leaves, he might have offered up an intriguing possibility for a future project.

“I have a very vague idea of what I want to do next, but it’s very complicated,” he said hesitantly. “It’s too unformed. I’m not sure. Usually I’ve got a couple of books going at once. And sometimes I’ve got several books going at once that aren’t really going anywhere. A bunch of books with a bookmark on page 35, and I’m probably not going to read a lot further.

“One thing that I’m right in the middle of at the moment is ‘David Copperfield,’ which I’d never read before,” he finally said. “And what an experience it is reading that book. So, who knows, maybe that will lead somewhere.”

Imagine: Wes Anderson’s “David Copperfield.”

- Dennis King