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Wheat crop answers require some specifics

by Bryan Painter Published: May 6, 2012

It is never safe to throw a blanket statement over the Oklahoma wheat crop.

The question “What's the wheat looking like” may not only be met with a reply of “Where?” but “What part of the field are you talking about?”

Mark Gregory, based in Duncan, and Roger Gribble, based in Enid, are longtime area Oklahoma State University extension agronomy specialists. But Gregory's area is the southwest while Gribble's is the northwest. The Oklahoman tossed some common topics the way of each to see just how similar, or different, their answers would be.

The growing season

Gregory said timely rains have kept the crop going, particularly in the far southwest part of the state.

Gribble said in the northwest, it was difficult during the establishment period. Dry soil conditions made getting a stand of wheat challenging. But, rainfall in October made things better and conditions had been good until just recently.


Estimates were for good yields up until recent weeks, Gregory said. He added that rains have been spotty, and there are many areas that are very dry.

In the northwest, Gribble said he would have expected potentially above average yields until about two weeks ago.

There's never a shortage of concerns.

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