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When judging education system, grades aren't everything

Published: November 15, 2013

I have read with interest the accounts of grades given by the state Department of Education to schools across the state. The word “grade” gets everyone's attention. It can conjure fear or a feeling of satisfaction in most of us. I'm concerned about the amount of authority attributed to this school grading system. The implied lesson appears to be that grades make a school good or bad. It's a flawed thought process to think that A makes you good and an F makes you bad.

Grades aren't everything. If your school got a “good” grade, be proud. If your school got a “bad” grade, don't panic or put too much stock in it either. A grade is a weak indicator of success. When the Oklahoma Education Association and people such as the Broken Arrow superintendent question the judgment of state schools Superintendent Janet Barresi, it may not be productive for Barresi to respond through the media in a dismissive and shoulder-shrugging manner or comment in a way that implies that the criticism has no relevance.

To many, it makes Barresi look small and insecure.

Kelli Davidson, Norman