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Where are the female athletes in Sports Illustrated? Published: May 14, 2013

Does Sports Illustrated have a woman problem? One new study says yes.

Researchers from the University of Louisville said they analyzed more than 11 years of Sports Illustrated covers from 2000-2011 to assess how often females were portrayed, the sports represented and the manner of their portrayal.

The end result is that the magazine rarely features female athletes. Instead, they feature scantily clad female models on its covers.

According to the study, women appeared on just 4.9 percent of covers.

“The percentage of covers did not change significantly over the span and were comparable to levels reported for the 1980s by other researchers. Indeed, women were depicted on a higher percentage of covers from 1954-1965 than from 2000-2011,” according to the study.

H/T: Huffington Post
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