White House blames Republicans for economic downturn, hits GOP for accepting cuts Obama signed into law

Published on NewsOK Published: January 31, 2013

So now it is the White House and Democrats who are complaining.  Previewing what will likely become a frequently-repeated Democratic talking point, Carney argued that it would be outrageous to allow the Obama-signed sequester law go into effect when wealthy taxpayers and corporations still receive tax breaks.  “It can’t be we’ll let sequester kick in because we insist that tax loopholes remain where they are for corporate jet owners, or subsidies provided to the oil and gas companies that have done so exceedingly well in recent years have to remain in place,” Carney said.  “That’s just — that’s not I think a position that will earn a lot of support with the American people.”

The bottom line, though, is that, like the January 1 tax increases, the sequestration cuts are already scheduled to take effect.  In the case of taxes, Republicans felt a huge pressure to act before big increases hit everyone.  Now, Republicans might decide the best thing to do is nothing — and let the cuts, agreed to by Republican and Democratic lawmakers and Obama himself — go into effect.

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