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Who should be No. 1 draft pick?
Poll of fans shows ‘Other' at top of the list over Beasley and Rose

By John Rohde Modified: May 20, 2008 at 12:49 am •  Published: May 20, 2008
through No. 14 for the June 26 draft.

Oden-Durant arguably is the most blatant either-or scenario in NBA Draft history.

Oden and Durant were clearly the top two prospects last year.

More than a few scouts have claimed this year's draft is an either-or between Beasley and Rose.

Following are other drafts that could be considered as an either-or.

Teams with the first pick based their selection on need. But in some instances, a player taken much later in the draft wound up far more worthy as the No. 1 choice:

2004: C Dwight Howard or C Emeka Okafor.

Correct answer: Howard (No. 1 by Orlando).

2003: G-F LeBron James or F Carmelo Anthony.

Correct answer: James (No. 1 by Cleveland).

2000: F Kenyon Martin or C Stromile Swift.

Correct answer: G Michael Redd (No. 43 overall by Milwaukee).

1999: F Elton Brand or G Steve Francis.

Correct pick: Brand (No. 1 overall by Chicago).

1993: F Chris Webber or G Anfernee Hardaway.

Correct pick: Webber (No. 1 by Orlando, traded to Golden State).

1992: C Shaquille O'Neal or C Alonzo Mourning.

Correct pick: O'Neal (No. 1 by Orlando).

1989: F Pervis Ellison or F Danny Ferry.

Correct pick: G Tim Hardaway (No. 14 by Golden State).

1986: C Brad Daugherty or G Len Bias.

Correct pick: G Mark Price (No. 25 overall by Dallas).

1981: F Mark Aguirre or G Isiah Thomas.

Correct pick: Thomas (No. 2 by Detroit).

1970: C Bob Lanier or G Pete Maravich.

Correct pick: Lanier (No. 1 by Detroit).

1960: G Oscar Robertson or G Jerry West.

Correct pick: Robertson (No. 1 by Cincinnati).

1954: G-F Frank Selvy or F Bob Pettit.

Correct pick: Pettit (No. 2 by Milwaukee Hawks).