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Who will you vote for in November?

Oklahomans discuss the Nov. 6 presidential election
BY ZEKE CAMPFIELD Published: October 14, 2012

Bill Siemens

• Age: 64

• Residence: Edmond

• Profession: Retired graphic artist

• Which way will he vote? Obama (voted Obama in 2008)

• Top issue: “Economy and health care. I believe at least, you know, whether Barack Obama is right or wrong, whatever he says he sticks with it. And I'm all for the health care. I live around women, I've got a daughter and what have you, and I'm all for the Planned Parenthood. And I have a favorable opinion of unions.”

Carolyn Biery

• Age: 21

• Residence: Dallas, Texas

• Profession: Student

• Which way will she vote? Obama (couldn't vote in 2008)

• Top issue: “Education and social reform. The economy's ridiculously important, but currently, where I'm at as a person, social changes like gay marriage and women's issues and funding for the arts, because I'm a college student and an arts major so a lot of Romney's plans would cut my funding.”

Mike Manning

• Age: 19

• Residence: Owasso

• Profession: Student

• Which way will he vote? Undecided (couldn't vote in 2008)

• Top issue: “I would say the health care on top of a plan of action for our economy, how we're going to put it on the rise again.”

William Fox

• Age: 33

• Residence: Moore

• Profession: Office equipment repair

• Which way will he vote? Romney (voted McCain in 2008)

• Top issue: “The way he's going to handle the economy. It seems like he can turn it around; he seems like the best one to do it. He's done it before in his business.”

Gayle Duhon

• Age: 55

• Residence: Oklahoma City

• Profession: On disability, former home health care provider

• Which way will she vote? Will not vote (didn't vote in 2008)

• Top issue: “If I was to vote, which I'm not going to, my decision would be based on who actually cares about the people, and for someone to sit there and say there's 47 percent of the United States they do not care for, they would not get my vote.”

Zeke Campfield, Staff Writer