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Why and How to Use Earthquake Straps

Published on NewsOK Published: November 16, 2012

As you anchor the furniture to the wall, make sure it’s level and even. If it’s not, it could unbalance in an earthquake and cause problems. When you’re satisfied that it’s in the right place, you can complete the installation and test it by pulling on it with an assistant. The furniture shouldn’t move, indicating that it is firmly anchored into a stud in the wall and won’t go anywhere under the stress of mild to medium shaking. Then, you can load it back up with books, china, or whatever else it might hold.

For additional safety, you might want to consider installing barrier straps or strips at the front of the furniture if it’s open or has doors that might easily swing out. These prevent items from tipping out in the event of an earthquake; for something like a bookcase, this can prevent injuries and a huge mess if the bookcase stays in place but all the books go flying. In the case of items like china and antique cabinets, the straps will prevent catastrophic damage to prized household items that might otherwise topple out during an earthquake. Adhesive gels and tapes are also available for specialty items like sculptures.

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