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Why not dredge lakes to hold more rain water

Published: January 25, 2013

Recent implementation of rationing will do little to preserve Oklahoma City's precious water. Most of us seldom water dormant lawns. More restrictions on water use should have been instituted months ago. Canton Lake might be a temporary solution, but it can supply a limited amount of water. If plentiful rain isn't received this spring — a distinct possibility — the situation will likely be bleak.

Tiger Woods' best drives, if hit from many areas on Lake Hefner's bank, would fail to reach the water. So why not dredge the dry areas of our supply lakes, which then could hold millions of extra gallons of water when rain eventually comes? We may not experience another 10-year drought, but who knows? I suspect that drinking and bathing in recycled sewage, as is happening now in some West Texas towns, isn't all that appealing to the area's citizens and would be detrimental to the city's image.

David Adamson, Oklahoma City