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Why You Should Sign Off Social Media And Enjoy 'The Brief Time' You Have Left Published: June 9, 2014

Alain de Botton is a beloved (and prolific) pop philosopher, with a shelf-full of books and two very popular TED talks to his name. So when the Swiss-born author tweeted to his 443,000 followers on Monday night that they should delete Twitter for the sake of their “inner conversation,” many took his words seriously — promising to delete the app from their phones, responding with impassioned defenses of the medium, and, ironically (!), retweeting de Botton’s message in droves, according to The Washington Post.

"Not to be disloyal to the medium but deleting Twitter from at least your phone really improves mental health and inner conversation," he tweeted.

Maybe that response isn‘t all that surprising. Increasingly, it seems like anxiety about social media is as much a hallmark of modern life as social media itself: We have “digital detox” retreats and summer camps, apps that force users to sign off Facebook — even a “National Day of Unplugging,” celebrated (or not) on March 7. De Botton’s critique of social media fits neatly into that tradition. It’s crowding out contemplation, he suggests. It’s filling our short lives with meaningless clutter, The Post reports.

H/T: The Huffington Post
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