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Wild hogs continue to be a growing menace across Oklahoma

State could start seeing some of the problems Texas is having with the animals
BY ED GODFREY, Staff Writer, Published: May 18, 2013

Wild hogs are a fun animal for hunters to chase but they do carry diseases. Grant encourage hunters to always wear protective gloves when field dressing the animals and to cook the meat thoroughly.

Hog hunting is growing in popularity in Oklahoma but there is a trade-off. Feral swine can ruin a good deer hunting location.

“The problem is right now we've got just enough of a hog population that we are seeing somewhat of a coexistence,” Grant said. “But hogs and whitetail deer don't get along. You are not going to see hogs and deer grazing together, I assure you.”

Anyone trying to manage a piece of land for deer hunting in Oklahoma will soon, if not already, have to deal with wild hogs.

They knock over deer feeders and devour food plots. And deer are not apt to use a feeder that's been toppled by hogs.

There also is speculation about what impact wild hogs are having on the population of ground nesting birds like turkey and quail.

No one knows for sure but, “it can't be good,” Grant said. “Common sense would tell you they are opportunistic and they will eat and root and destroy anything they could find.”

While there are ways for landowners to get rid of hogs, there are always more waiting in the wings, Grant said. Fighting hogs is a constant battle with no victory in sight.

“It's kind of like an elephant,” Grant said. “You can eat an elephant, but only a bite at a time. What we can do is just whittle away at it.”

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