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Will Boy Scouts survive new policy?

Published: February 4, 2013

Regarding “Scouts consider retreat from no-gays policy” (Associated Press, Jan. 29): The Boy Scouts of America's three main underlying principles are character building, leadership development and personal fitness. Allowing gay leaders into the organization could possibly go against all three of these. Currently the Boy Scouts do extensive background checks on all potential leaders. When and if the new policy goes into effect, I fear this policy will be relaxed. These background checks can find out other problems that potential leaders have that might endanger our young people.

Leaders not only work with their individual unit but are exposed to other units at other large group activities such as scout camps, Camporees, training sessions and adventure activities. This retreat from a policy that the U.S. Supreme Court approved is being pushed by a small minority; if accepted, it will change the Boy Scouts forever. Several large groups that have been the traditional users will pull out of the program. The Boy Scouts might have a hard time surviving as we know it.

Gayle Reams, Bethany

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