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Will Oklahomans get on board with new water toy?

BY CARMEN FORMAN Published: June 19, 2013

The Austin, Texas, company sells the boards in several states and is looking to add Oklahoma. Luft has been working to sell the watercraft for about the past two months and will continue to try to sell them in Oklahoma if David's Sport Center doesn't stock them.

Luft first encountered the Flyboard when he saw someone riding one on an Iowa lake. He tried one the next day and bought a board the day after.

“I was like, ‘I can do this,' so I bought it immediately,” Luft said. “I didn't even own a Jet Ski, and I bought it.”

It took Ecker a little training and about five minutes of trial and error to finally get the hang of aquatic flying.

“It's for a responsible person,” Ecker said. “It's not for everyone to ride unless they have training.”

Everyone who buys a Flyboard is required to receive training to ride it safely at a Flyboard dealer or distributor, Luft said. The learning curve of how to fly is usually only about five minutes, but Gulf States wants to teach people how to fly safely, he said.

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes that teach participants everything from simply accelerating out from the water to doing dolphin jumps into the water and flips in the air, Luft said.

“We don't just sell these and hand them out to people,” Luft said. “You have to be qualified to be able to fly them.”