Winds end Flaming Lips performance at Tulsa music festival

Heavy winds ended downtown Tulsa's Brady District Block Party early Saturday evening when the Flaming Lips' massive light rig crashed onto the music festival's main stage.
BY NATHAN POPPE Published: August 7, 2011
That isn’t much time considering the looming storm and the massive amount of equipment involved in a Flaming Lips concert, but bassist Michael Ivins wasn’t too worried about the gear.

“I was more concerned that I survived,” Ivins said.

He pointed a few feet away and said he was onstage when the light rig fell.

Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd wasn’t so lucky. His black Supro guitar had a shattered neck.

Matt Duckworth, a Flaming Lips roadie, estimated the stage incident affected about $800,000 worth of equipment.

Moments before the lighting rig fell, the crowd pleaded for the festival to continue. The 100-plus degree heat hadn’t stopped them, so they chanted “rain or shine” before the storm started to pick up.

Coyne walked onstage to reassure the crowd.

“We’ll play,” he said. "We'll play."

He will, but it’s going to have to wait for another weekend.