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Wister police chief handled woman appropriately

Oklahoman Published: September 25, 2010

Regarding "Woman protests police treatment" (news story, Sept. 16): Wister Police Chief Chris Ford was within his rights in his actions to subdue Brenda Martin, who refused a direct order to leave the premises. Martin used abusive language. She persisted in arguing and moving toward another woman in an aggressive manner. Ford took her down and secured her to protect himself and the other party.

Judging by the video, his demeanor was calm. Once Martin was down, Ford did nothing else to constitute excessive force. To those who are claiming brutality, what do you think the outcome would have been had Martin punched the other woman? In that case, an innocent party truly would have been brutalized.

If the combative lady was injured, it was because of her own unsafe behavior, not the actions of the police chief. These are what we call "consequences." I've seen police brutality. This situation doesn't fit the definition. It's unfortunate that the police are unfairly accused by those who are clueless about the rights of police to do their jobs.

I hope the town of Wister doesn't cave in to the amateur quarterbacks who have little respect for law enforcement.

Rob Holtzinger, Enid

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