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With God's help, we can save America

Published: January 28, 2013

I'm a gun owner. When my children were young, I took all four of them through hunter safety classes. A gun is simply a tool designed for a specific purpose. Politicians seem unwilling to address the fundamental problem, which is that the fabric of our society is seriously torn. Broken homes and broken rules permeate today's world. No prayers in school, or anywhere in public, but profanity and virtual nudity everywhere. Young people aren't protected, they're exploited. Greedy media executives approve multimillion-dollar contracts for profane music and entertainment, depicting all sorts of deviant behavior as normal, but fail to include the real-life consequences.

The human experience has been devalued. Politicians want to pass more laws, but that's not the answer. This nation will turn the corner when we include God, not exclude Him. Instead of tolerating the twisted, disrespectful and degrading version of life that the entertainment media bombards us with, we need to set examples of love and respect in our families, and set limits for behavior. By teaching respect for rules, people learn self-respect. We must demand that politicians, all the way from local school boards to members of Congress, include God in the decision-making process, and to stand up for what's right and wrong.

We have to then hold those people accountable for their actions or inactions. With God's help, we can save America.

G.W. Thomas, Chickasha


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