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Working like dog brings weight loss

Ken Raymond lost 3 pounds this week, raising his weight loss total to 25½ pounds.

BY KEN RAYMOND Published: June 20, 2010
I need to report a lost dog.

Not really. Don't get all worried.

I've lost the equivalent of a dog. After 11 weeks of eating better and exercising more, I've dropped 25½ pounds — about the weight of a large Boston terrier.

My brother had Bostons, so I can picture this weight-loss dog in my head. It's got big bug eyes and an underslung jaw. Its fur is patterned like a killer whale, and it looks as if it evolved from one of those deep sea fish with an outsized mouth and rows of needle-sharp teeth. It jumps up at me endlessly, either trying to bite me or convince me to pet it. Maybe both.

Nothing against Boston terriers — or my brother, for that matter — but I never much liked his dogs. And the one I lost?

I don't ever want to find it again.

It'd be easy for me to find. It wouldn't take long.

All I'd have to do is stop paying attention to what I eat.

I could do that without difficulty, because I've done it before.

Several years back, I signed up for Weight Watchers and followed that plan for a while.

It's a good plan. Works for a lot of people. My doctor had recommended it to me.

I did great for about four months. I dropped about 37 pounds, and I had less to lose then than I do now. Every time I ran into someone I hadn't seen for a while, they marveled at my weight loss.

"How'd you do it?” they'd ask.

"The hard way,” I'd reply, feeling smug.


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