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'World's Biggest Pile of Leaves' video goes viral

Associated Press Published: November 22, 2012

"We've never done anything like that, but in high school we'd always do crazy stuff," said Garrett, who attends Utah State University. "It's every kid's dream to have a giant pile of leaves."

By the time they were done, friends and family members couldn't resist diving in, or jumping off the roof into the pile.

"No one got lost, no one got hurt," Garrett said. "It was all good fun."

The same could be said about their Memorial Day Weekend prank to bury a treasure chest on California's Venice Beach in the middle of the night. The next day, they went back with a metal detector and had close to 200 beach-goers believing they had found something precious as they dug out the chest.

"Once we threw it open and everyone ran to take the gold, they realized it was chocolate and started screaming and cheering," Garrett said.

The laughs were priceless. But the stunt drew 1.8 million views on YouTube, earning them a few thousand dollars in ad revenue.

Ditto for the Halloween prank in which they took the door off Garrett's closet, put up a sign that read "Please knock," then went house to house, getting others to "answer" their door.

"It was super-confusing and we got some weird looks, but everyone was happy," Garrett said. "Parents used to handing out candy actually were getting their own candy."

That video had 500,000 views, including some from victims of the monster hurricane that hit the East Coast two days earlier.

"Their Halloween and Thanksgiving were kind of ruined, but they said we helped cheer them up and lighten their hearts a little," Garrett said.