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Wow! Fans offer some real Zingers
Readers speak out

By Mike Jeffries Published: July 17, 2008
's something original and true to me.”

Doesn't like: Thunder, Thunderbolts

•Mercedes Wheeler, Oklahoma City

Likes: Challengers

Why: "They need a name that has spirit and drive and says ‘go get ‘em.' They need a name that says ‘I'll give you a challenge, but I'm also up for a challenge.'”

Doesn't like: "I can't think of anything I've heard that is too objectionable.”

•Gary Royal, 62, Oklahoma City

Likes: Wind

Why: "This is where the wind comes sweeping over the plains. Tornados, Twisters—it all encompasses wind. Wind will be our next big energy source. It's our future.”

Doesn't like: Thunderbirds

•Mitch Welch, 28, Edmond

Likes: Barons

Why: "I know some people think of Barons as negative, but I don't. I think it really relates to the oil industry here, which is a big part of our history and livelihood.”

Doesn't like: Energy, Tornados

•Gabe Holder, 39, Oklahoma City

Likes: Outlaws

Why: "We need a name that is tough. Outlaws are tough, and they fight until the end. That's what we want our team to do, right?”

Doesn't like: Black Gold, Oilers

•Sheena Thomas, 40, Oklahoma City

Likes: Marshals

Why: "I just think it's a positive name. It's people who abide by and protect the law but are still tough. Plus, it has some ties to the area and some historical meaning.”

Doesn't like: Outlaws, Barons

•Terry Utley, 37, Norman

Likes: Heroes

Why: "I thought of Heroes because when I think of Oklahoma City, I think of people who stand up and do the right thing.”

Doesn't like: Barons, Oilers, Roughnecks, Renegades, Outlaws