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Writer’s weight lost so far equals terrifyingly giant hamburger

BY KEN RAYMOND Published: May 9, 2010

/> A 15-pound disk of ground beef isn’t a sandwich. It’s a tire.

That’s how much I’ve lost since April 1. Fifteen pounds.

Ditching that much weight has been arduous. I’ve been careful about my food choices and have spent more time working out than in the previous five years combined.

I’ve shed so much sweat it could’ve filled a kiddie pool, and I’ve spent so much time at the gym it sometimes seems that all I do is sleep, work and exercise.

Given that, I can’t imagine eating even a portion of one of those Belly Busters, let alone the whole thing.

Yet that’s what some people do.

"We have one kid who ate it twice,” Grimm said. "The first time he did it in 4 hours and 37 minutes. The second time he beat that time. I can’t remember by how much, but he beat it.”

Maybe next time he should challenge himself a little. The restaurant also sells the Belly Bruiser (50 pounds, $179.95) and the Main Event Burger (100 pounds, $379.95).

I think I’ll stick with Subway.

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