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‘You don't stop being supportive when there is a bump in the road'
Town and family stand behind player
Through the good headlines and the bad, Jenna Plumley's relatives and hometown say they suppo

by Bryan Painter Modified: July 19, 2008 at 12:16 am •  Published: July 19, 2008

Taflinger said. "Jenna has long served as a role model for native students as well as many of our younger students.”

Frontier High School Principal Randy Robinson said he wants to know all the facts before making any kind of judgment.

He praised Plumley not only for accomplishments on the court, but for what she did as the president of the student council.

But, he says, if things are indeed what the media has reported, then support is needed more now more than ever.

"It's easy to support a basketball team, for example, when they are going 28-2 and bringing home a gold ball,” Robinson said. "It's more difficult to support a team when they are 13-15 and don't make it out of the districts.

"It's more difficult to support in the down times, but it's more important to be there to support, to encourage, to assist, to overcome whatever obstacles there might be.”

Moving forward
Plumley's brother and her former high school principal both said it is time to live and learn.

Albert Plumley talked with his sister earlier this week.

He told her that there are always going to be people in the world "who want you to fail.” But he reminded her that is not the case with her hometown, which is going to stand by her side.

"I just told her that everybody makes mistakes, and how you recover from them is how basically you are looked upon,” Plumley said.

Jenna Plumley was never in his office for disciplinary reasons, Robinson said.

But he shared with me what he tells those students who are called in.

"I can tell kids when they come in the office for discipline, it's a little chink in the armor, but the armor can be straightened out with some work,” he said.

Watch: Reactions to Jenna's suspension from team has disabled the comments for this article.
by Bryan Painter
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At a glance
Suspension: Jenna Plumley was suspended on Thursday from the Oklahoma women's basketball team for the upcoming season by head coach Sherri Coale. The coach said in a statement that during a meeting within the past two weeks a plan was outlined to address concerns with Plumley. Coale added that the expectations were not met.

Arrest: Plumley was arrested Monday in Norman on a petty larceny complaint, accused of trying to take four cosmetics items valued at $34.65 from Walmart in Norman.

Scholarship: Plumley will retain her scholarship and can return to the team during the 2009-2010 season.

"Everybody has their downfall, and we all make mistakes. It's just a part of life we have to get through.”


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