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DVD review: 'Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets'

The final 14 episodes of the first season of the DC Comics animated program feature young heroes including Robin and Superboy.
Oklahoman Published: August 31, 2012

‘Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets'

The final 14 episodes of the first season of the DC Comics animated program “Young Justice” are out on DVD in the collection “Dangerous Secrets.”

The sidekicks of some of DC Comics' top superheroes are the stars of the show: Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis. A new hero, Rocket, joins the team in this season; she's a sidekick to the new Justice League member Icon. Second-generation magician Zatanna also has adventures with the team.

The two-DVD set picks up with the team in turmoil after the apparent defection of their mentor, the robot Red Tornado. New mentors step in to help out, including Captain Marvel (voiced by heartthrob Rob Lowe in two episodes and brother Chad Lowe in a third).

The team is sent on covert assignments by the Justice League as the members train for eventual graduation to the top ranks of superheroes. The team receives its assignments from Batman (Bruce Greenwood).

Episodes included on disc one are “Alpha Male,” “Revelation,” “Humanity,” “Failsafe,” “Disordered,” and “Misplaced.” Disc two contains “Coldhearted,” “Image,” “Agendas,” “Insecurity,” “Performance,” “Usual Suspects,” “Auld Acquaintance” and a digital comic story.

Comics fans may enjoy “Coldhearted,” which is loosely based on the first issue of the 1987 “Flash” volume by Mike Baron and Jackson “Butch” Guice. In the episode, it's Wally West's 16th birthday. Wally (voiced by Jason Spisak), aka Kid Flash, desperately wants to team up with the Justice League. But when an opportunity presents itself, Wally is needed elsewhere: His speed is needed to race a donated heart across the country in the midst of an unprecedented blizzard. And that's not the only hardship Wally will face: the immortal villain Vandal Savage also wishes to make Wally's trip unsuccessful. It's a well-done update of a classic comic that also fits into the ongoing “Young Justice” storyline.

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