Your Money: Accept help but don't lose drive for a better life

Dave Ramsey: Accepting help during hard times is OK, but don't let it skew your self-image and make you a victim.
BY DAVE RAMSEY Published: April 30, 2012

DEAR DAVE: I just lost my job due to companywide layoffs.

I have an emergency fund, but I'm losing my health insurance.

Our state has a program that covers children's health care in these kinds of situations.

Would it be OK to accept this for my kids until I find another job and things get better?


DEAR PAUL: There's absolutely nothing wrong with accepting help when you're down or struggling. On the other hand, to define yourself as being down or struggling is a really bad thing.

By this, I mean you should never just sit there, consider yourself helpless and expect someone else to take care of you.

Remember this: Everyone falls down. Losers stay down, but successful people get back up.

If I woke up one morning and realized I had no insurance or couldn't feed my family because I'd lost my job, I'd be out looking for work all day long, every single day.

If that didn't work, I'd pack everyone up and go find another place to work and live.

At the very least I'd map out a plan to work and make money somewhere else during the week, then come home weekends.

You sound like a good dad, and I love the fact that you're thinking about your kids.

Do what's necessary to take care of them right now, even if it means getting help from the state.

Make sure you're out there busting it, and trying to make something happen in the job market, too. You shouldn't still be living this way six months from now.

DEAR DAVE: I have tenants who have been perfect in paying rent on time for almost a year.

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