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Your Money: Spending from emergency fund is like inviting Murphy to visit

Dave Ramsey: The moment you write a big check out of your emergency fund to pay off a mortgage, the central unit will go out, the roof will spring a leak, or you'll have major repair issues with a vehicle. Hang on to your emergency fund for just that … emergencies.
BY DAVE RAMSEY For The Oklahoman Published: April 15, 2013

Back this amount down to $40 or $50 for now. That's plenty for a reasonable dinner and perhaps a baby sitter for a couple of hours. If you have family or friends nearby, you might not have to figure baby-sitting expenses into the equation at all. Keep in mind, too, that going out on a date doesn't have to mean spending money. Years ago, when my wife and I were broke, we did tons of stuff that didn't cost a dime. Picnics in the park or a pretty hike through the woods are great ways to spend time together while keeping the pocketbook in your pocket.

Be creative and make sure you find ways to have “us” time on a regular basis. But you're right on this one, Ashley. You can go out and have plenty of fun together without spending a lot of money.

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