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Your Money: Tithing without telling is not a good idea

Dave Ramsey: A wife who wishes to tithe without telling her nonbelieving husband honors neither God nor her husband.
BY DAVE RAMSEY Published: October 29, 2012


A: Dear Jamie, Honestly, if it's only been a couple of weeks, I think you probably just haven't found the right thing. There are lots of people out there with big-time resumes who have been forced to go part-time in today's job market. It's not unusual right now for UPS or FedEx managers to see people with your level of education wanting to throw boxes. Whether they're trying to get out of debt or they're unemployed or underemployed, it's just part of the economic strain the country's going through at the moment.

I really like your drive, though, and the fact that you're actively trying to find a solution to your problem tells me that you're the kind of person who won't be denied.

Because of this, I think some really good things will begin to happen for you in the coming weeks and months.

But let's not go down the path of omitting things from your resume. Think about what would happen if your boss discovered you hadn't truthfully represented yourself and your background? I know if it were me, I'd have to wonder if I could really trust someone who did that.


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