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Yukon board OKs bond vote
Proposal for $92.4 million includes new high school

By Jesse Olivarez Published: December 5, 2007
dependence and Lakeview middle schools would turn into upper-elementary schools and house the fourth- and fifth-graders. The current high school would then house the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders.

The new configuration would free up enough space at all of the school sites for the district to keep up with growth for at least 10 years, Denton said.

Taxes will not increase if the measure is approved, Denton said. What makes this bond proposal different from others is the time it will take to pay off. Instead of paying off the note in three to five years, district officials said they plan on paying off the bonds over a 10-year period.

The timeline
If voters approve the measure, district officials said they plan on acting quickly.

The plan calls for one year of planning and two years constructing the new complex.

When questioned by a board meeting audience member about the construction timeline, Denton said it would be quite possible for this year's ninth-graders to spend their senior year in the new high school.

Part of the reason district officials hope to get construction done quickly is to keep costs low, they said.

Steve Smith, a consultant who helped the district plan the proposal, said inflation causes construction costs to rise about 1 percent each month. Jim Fenrick, the district's business manager, said constructing a new complex will not be cheap, but it will help the district for decades to come.

"This is a bold move but it's the right move,” Fenrick said.