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Understanding role of school board members

Oklahoman Published: December 2, 2012

“School board positions more important than ever” (Our Views, Nov. 25) was spot on. Serious, thoughtful board members are needed more than ever before. I was on a school board for eight years and had the opportunity to observe my board and others at close range. During this time, I learned some things that might help others understand the role of a school board member:

School systems exist primarily for the benefit of the adults who work in them, and your complicity in this arrangement is assumed.

No amount of state money is ever enough, but you'll be expected to be an unpaid lobbyist, always asking your local legislators for more.

Competition from private schools improves public education, but you'll be asked to oppose vouchers and tax credits that even slightly level the playing field.

Finally, you'll be expected to scream like a banshee any time poor kids try to escape the public school system.

Charles E. Daniels, Bartlesville